Content Marketing – How to Optimize a Business Blog

Under the dome of various social media tools, increasing traffic for business seems not that hard for marketers. However, it would be a challenge to attract people not only visit the company blog, but also share/subscribe the contents, and even purchase the product/service. Thanks for, the CEO of Tresnic Media, Todd Giannattasio’s sharing of case study – Blogging “Magic Number”: Increasing Website Traffic 1,000% In 8 Weeks. Here is the takeaway:

Tresnic Media Case Study

  1. Build a business blog

“Having a business blog is the first step and will be the hub of your online presence.” Todd said. Social media should be utilized just as a support of the company’s own blog. In the long run, the business blog would be the company’s property and more easy for company to control and lead the audience to convert the products/services.

  1. Set a clear objective: High Traffic v.s. High Engagement

Social sharing is a well-known tactic to boost traffic. Normally what a knowledgeable marketer would do to promote its blog is to utilize Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn, sharing articles and using certain marketing metrics to lead prospects to convert. However, the article might luckily go virus just for few days. For constantly increasing customer engagement, marketers should genuinely build the high quality of content that can attract the prospects and solve the problems for them. Even though it takes time and sometimes costs money to generate great original content, it would be worthy in long-term.

  1. Include key elements into article

In addition to write about the business-relevant content, one tactic to help increase web traffic is to incorporate some most-shared/searched keywords or topics among social media. By understanding what customers are searching for online and including them, keywords and topics, in articles, the business is able to increase its visibility across multiple platforms, build the credibility in the industry, and, moreover, improve the search ranking that is a huge benefit for blogging.

  1. Find the unique selling points

The barrier of blogging is small. There are numerous free and applicable blogging platforms online. Therefore, it is critical for business to identify its uniqueness and the opportunity gap of the blog. Or follow the steps of identification:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What problem they are facing now?
  • When and where they would reach out to find the solution?

Sometimes adding diverse content into articles, such as video, audio, infograpgic, and presentation can increase the attraction to audience.

  1. Answer the questions

The CEO of Tresnic Media also mentioned that additional blogging benefit is cutting down on customer service time. “Because we had produced so many practical articles, a lot of client questions that have come up are immediately directed to a blog post. Or better yet, responded to with a new blog post that will help other clients in the future and build trust and credibility with potential customers reading the blog.” Especially when there is a negative comment, company should try hard to response it and turn them into an opportunity, turning a hater into an evangelist.



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